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Like most family doctors we know some of our patients have difficulty in getting an appointment. In order to improve this service we have made changes to the appointments system. When you telephone or call in at the desk to arrange an appointment the receptionists will do their best to provide you with the most appropriate service to suit your needs. In many instances you will be offered an appointment the same day with whichever doctor or nurse is available that day. If you wish to pre-book with a specific doctor or with the nurse you may do so, but you must understand that in some cases it may mean a longer wait before being seen. You can now book upto 4 weeks in advance with either the doctor or the nurse. You may also be offered a telephone consultation with a doctor as many queries can be most efficiently dealt with in this way e.g. medication queries, hospital letters and follow ups, certificates.

Please phone before 3:00 p.m. for on the day appointments and phone calls, unless of course it is an emergency.

Home Visits

A doctor will visit at home when necessary, but only if you are genuinely housebound. If you can possibly get to the surgery please do so, as we have better facilities for examination and treatment.

Where possible please telephone before 11.00am to request a home visit for that day. It would be helpful if you could provide our staff with some details of your symptoms and their severity to help the visiting doctor plan their rounds.

Other Services

You may at times require other services from us, which do not require a consultation with a doctor or nurse. These services include completing insurance reports or fulfilling other requests for information from outside agencies. The doctors do their best to deal with such requests as quickly as they can, but they will always put the healthcare needs of patients first and deal with any additional paperwork on a first come first serve basis. All such forms and requests must be logged by our administrative team and will not be dealt with any more quickly if you present them to the doctor during consultation.

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